Universe Monitor Project Roadmap

Note: The lists below only include things that affect the end user. I have not included all the boring back-end technical jobs I need to do, which unfortunately outnumber the items below by a lot.


  1. Fullscreen for still images.
  2. Improve SOHO videos.
  3. More news feeds, e.g. New Scientist.
  4. Other content pages, e.g. information about the science behind these feeds.
  5. More user customization / dashboard.
  6. Allow users to suggest news links.

Ideas for New Feeds

  2. More SOHO images
  3. ISS / satellite alerts
  4. Space weather alerts
  5. Near earth object reports and alerts
  6. Celestial object locater

Other Ideas

  1. "Museum mode" for easily creating displays in science museums, etc.
  2. Widgets for your website.
  3. User community.

Known Bugs

  1. Youtube poster size.
  2. Read/write conflict when making large files (rare).

For more updates about this project, see the about page.

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